Friday, June 6, 2008

Culture shock

So we woke up around 5 and slummed around the hotel like all day.  We decided to walk to the mall that is in the same lot as the hotel.  Not a single familiar store.  Not a single familiar language.

I was having a problem with my iPhone, so we stopped at the Apple store so I could ask about it, completely not realizing that Canada never got the iPhone.  It's strange when someone walks up to you and greets you in french and you can just respond in english and the conversation would continue as normal, in complete perfect english.  Well, this guy sure knew a lot about the iPhone when he said that he knew nothing about the iPhone.  Definitely owns an unlocked iPhone.  Long story short, problem solved.

We head to the food court and I decide on a ham sandwich.  The guy tells me minimum $10 on a card so I have to hit an atm.  I put in my card, ask for $20 and receive Monopoly money.  Hmmm, we'll see.  I use the Monopoly money for my sandwich.  It totally works!

After completing the transaction (in which I received more Monopoly money) the guy asks me where I'm from.  US.  Which country?  Um, I assume he means state so I respond Illinois.



Confused look.


Oh!  The conversation then moves to a discussion on politics.  Notably, who will win the presidential election.  Weird.

Eric and I are going to make our way to downtown Montreal now, camera in hand.  See ya then.


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Miketonesdef said...

Im surprised he didn't go OH Michael jordan or Al Capone but i guess your not in asia