Friday, June 6, 2008

Review part 2

Okay, it's late.  We're beyond Detroit, getting somewhat goofy.  Only somewhat.
Tensions are running high, rations are running low.

This portion of the trip was pretty boring.  Too dark for pics.  Too tired for pics.

We hit the border.  The line is short, which is a bonus.  The officer asks us where we were going.  We tell her Montreal for F1.  We thought it was pretty awesome that she knew what we were talking about.

Again, too dark for pics, but we ran into an s14.5 in the middle of Toronto sportin Origin aero.  Kinda random.

Sooooo, traversing Ontario is rather boring, especially at night.  It's extremely dark.  The view of the stars is pretty badass though.

The time comes to refuel the kRn fuel sipper.  Hey! there's a Sunoco at the next exit!  Hmm, it's closed.  Well, the sign says we serve 23.9 hrs/day.  We must've shown up during those six minutes.  The fuel light has been pretty steady and it doesn't look loike anyone's showing up anytime soon.  Consult the GPS for the closest gas station.  Long story short, after about 15 miles of wasted gas, we get back on the Queen's Highway to continue and hopefully find another station.  Luckily, we happen upon a 24 hour Flying J.  Phew. 422.5 miles. 40 something litres. $65. Good God. At least the mileage is decent.

Time to move on.


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