Saturday, June 7, 2008


Alright, we're back.

We walked the mall for some more monopoly money and a couple of bottles of water.

Remember Clearly Canadian?  That was good stuff.

Trains in Montreal have tires.

  After we made use of Montreal's public transportation system, we arrived at the circuit.  It was quite a walk to find a decent vantage point and it was blazing hot, near 90 and totally clear.  I suppose it beats the thunderstorms that were forecast.  Lemme tell ya, all of this was well worth it.  F1 in person totally blows away F1 on tv.  Seeing these cars first-hand is absolutely amazing.  Eric and I were giggling like idiots the entire time, and this is only qualifying.

Here are some shots.

Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but Mark Webber's definitely throwing countersteer into this slide.  Shortly after, he spun at the exit and piled the right front corner into the wall.

Poor Mark Webber, he was going pretty damn fast too.  Oh well, he'll pick it up tomorrow.  I have faith in him.

I have more shots but they're pretty much more of the same.  I'll see yas.


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