Friday, June 6, 2008

Into Quebec

Things are starting to get more French.  Signs and so forth.

No one's on the road.  I'm nearing pass out mode.  I suggest Eric sleeps in case I don't make it.  Unfortunately, driving with no company drives me further to passing out.  I'm determined to make the entire drive.

An errant run onto the rumble strip awakens Eric as it's getting light.  Can't appreciate a sunrise due to overcast skies.  Random and senseless conversation and bear searching keeps me awake.

We see this...

The welcome to Quebec sign.   I have to make it to the hotel now.

All road signs are entirely French now.  We pass the time learning French so I know how to obey appropriate traffic laws in construction zones.  Luckily some are pictorial.

It's drizzling slightly and there are more cars on the road.  People headed to work.  French looking people.

It's 7AM locally and we hit morning rush hour from the surrounding suburbs of Montreal.  Great, that'll keep me awake.  Traffic moves rather quickly and before I knew it (because I was zoning out here and there) we are approaching the hotel.

I see this...

I don't know what it says so I just keep driving.  Someone starts honking.  French people have short tempers.  Or maybe they knew me or something.  I don't know anyone in Canada though.

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